We hold good relationships with international shipping companies and agents that help us get the best sea freight rates and options possible for moving any FCL / LCL shipments between international ports.

As established sea freight forwarders, we have long standing partnerships both overseas and locally, for their ocean freight requirements that help in clearance and door delivery of the sea cargo once it has arrived at the destination on our behalf.

Ballistics Cargo Private Limited Freight Forwarders moves over a substantial number of corridors ensuring better coverage, more sailings, better rates, and more flexible closing times.

Your goods are transported on reliable liners and stay in control right up to the final destination where your goods arrive on time and in full.

Ballistics Cargo Private Limited Freight Forwarders negotiates best air freight rates with major commercial airlines and General Sales Agent (GSA). This enables us to offer exporters and importers, competitive air freight forwarding services via a global network that links India with every major trade route, professionally and on time.

As an air freight forwarder we provide services based on your needs and your schedule. At Ballistics Cargo Private Limited Freight Forwarders we have a strong network of professional agents who are familiar with the customs and regulations of their respective countries on both imports and exports.

Our complete line of Air Freight services gets your freight delivered, anytime and on time. Our Air freight is optimally supported by the well established network and Warehousing Systems.

Trucking and delivery is often the most challenging and error-prone leg of international shipping. It doesn't have to be this way. Through its technology and partner network, Ballistics Cargo Private Limited Freight Forwarders avoids issues that other freight forwarders run into.

No matter how advanced a technology, not every problem can be foreseen. The beauty of Ballistics Cargo Private Limited Freight Forwarders software is that it enables its logistics experts to study and immediately respond to unexpected events or occurrences.

Depending on the products you are importing and from which country, there are 120 different forms that may need to be filed involving 43 different government agencies. The legal responsibility for understanding these regulations lies on you.

When you book freight with Ballistics Cargo Private Limited Freight Forwarders, your dedicated customs broker supervises the entire process, providing immediate answers to your questions, helping you remain compliant with all relevant regulations, and making sure your goods arrive without delay.

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the customs clearing, freight forwarding & logistics transport company with more than two decade's involvement in Import and Export clearance service to a variety of clients.

We hold a Regularized Custom House agency license having reference .......... issued by Delhi Customs collect-orate. We have our Head office at New Delhi.

Ballistics Cargo Private Limited Freight Forwarders is one of the leading Customs Brokers, ensuring smooth and easy customs clearance for all our customers, so that they receive their goods on time.

Our Customs Brokers help ease Import and Export regulations and paperwork in record time for all your shipments. Handling all the trade compliance and procedures, we help clear consignments by sea, land and air using our highly efficient working procedures.

Our team has a customer-centric policy and actions approach due to our long term experience in handling different commodities.

The government mandates that importers shipping goods which require a formal entry declaration, have a Customs bond on file. Posting a Customs bond ensures that all duties, taxes and fees owed to the federal government will be paid.

Ballistics Cargo Private Limited Freight Forwarders can facilitate and register customs bonds for a period of one whole year. Your bond will processed immediately as we don't require paperwork that usually drags for weeks.

The Ballistics Cargo Private Limited team of brokers will takeover and move ahead with processing after you answer a short list of questions regarding your import or export requirements.

Before importing a product, you must identify its Harmonized Tariff Schedule Code. The World Trade Organization has classified all commodities with a number to determine the import duties, taxes and import license requirements when entering a country.

It is important to have this done correctly to avoid potential examination fees and delays when clearing customs. Ballistics Cargo Private Limited Freight Forwarders customs brokers have decades of experience and powerful technology to back them up.

When you ship with Ballistics Cargo Private Limited Freight Forwarders you can rest assured that your business is compliant with all international trade laws.

A lost, damaged, or stolen shipment can be a huge hit to a supply chain. Your freight carrier is probably not going to reimburse you for these problems, but your insurance provider will. Ballistics Cargo Private Limited Freight Forwarders provide cargo insurance of merchandise value for most shipments to and from Europe and Asia and most other regions.

Quality inspections often pay for themselves because issues are much cheaper to resolve before your goods have departed from your supplier's facility. Ballistics Cargo Private Limited Freight Forwarders has partnered with the leaders in global quality inspections to deliver reliable inspections and testing services

At Ballistics Cargo Private Limited Freight Forwarders, we strongly believe that in today's competitive and challenging market, a good warehousing and distribution system is the key to success for any business.

As an integrated supply chain management company, our superior warehousing services takes care of all your logistical needs efficiently ensuring minimum risk for maximum output.

In this dynamic industry, it is important to minimize your investment risk and reduce operational costs. That's why our warehousing services provide integrated supply chain management solutions, to allow you to make the most of your business.

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