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Welcome to Ballistics Cargo Private Limited, for all your logistics needs. With our vast network throughout India.Our Company provide our customers Air and Sea freight forwarding services, Warehousing Storage Services, etc. and Customs Clearing services.We are one of the known names in LOGISTICS world industry. Ballistics Cargo Private Limited. has specialized in handling and delivering cargo safely and timely. Ballistics Cargo Private Limited.

Our organization is spread over Length and breadth of Indian ports and industrial hubs to cater the ever growing demand of the industry!

Ballistics Cargo Private Limited specializes in warehouse solutions ranging from

  • Import/Domestic cargo Distribution Centers
  • Services of labeling, packing and re-packing, palletizing, etc.
  • Value Added Services: testing, sampling, technical quality control, etc.
  • Inventory management and barcode management.
  • Information integration and EDI interface
  • FCL or LCL cargo nationwide.
  • Cargo delivery by plane, container trailer, train, domestic vessel, barge, truck.
  • Cross-border transport.
  • Transport management system by Global Positioning System (GPS) technology.
  • We handle cargo in boxes, bags, sacks, pallets, drums apart from bales and rolls.

Organization - :

Professional Organization is its highly motivated team who are experts in the logistics business. We understand the importance of fast response, customized solutions, and excellence in service requirement from our clients and associates, and ensure that we deliver these standards with positive attitude. Our dedication to operational excellence and commitment to helping improve our clients’ business performance has resulted in long-term partnerships with customers who consider us an extension of their team.

Ballistics Cargo Private Limited provides both domestic and international warehousing and distribution services for our shipping clients and partners. Our decades of experience combined with our extensive global shipping and cargo distribution networks makes us a valuable logistics partner. Businesses looking for a convenient and cost-effective solution to supply chain management often get the results they seek through a third party logistics partner like Global Shipping Services. Businesses looking to expand into new markets in foreign countries can also benefit greatly from third party global warehousing and distribution services.

The volume of air cargo being moved across the globe is ever-increasing and airports are finding it difficult to keep pace with the expansion in terms of infrastructure, manpower and automation levels. And, the lack of automated material handling systems is one of the key issues facing the global aviation sector. Digitalisation is the answer to all the present woes of the domestic air cargo industry and one that will enable it to be future-ready as well. There is a lot to gain from going paperless, for all stakeholders of the air cargo supply chain. Data-driven decision making enables the entire supply chain to access data required to optimise efficiency. In such a scenario, there is a dire need for an end-to-end web-based domestic Air Cargo Management system which brings in collaboration, planning and process integration in cargo terminal operations.

Benefits of Warehousing & Distribution Services

Cost-Effective :-

Partnering with a third party logistics partner (3PL) like Ballistics Cargo Private Limited rather than hiring, training and sustaining your own logistics team is more cost-effective, not only because of the cost of salaries and overhead, but also because of the 3PL’s ability to quickly find the most cost-effective and convenient logistics solutions.

Existing Network of Valuable Carrier Relationships : -

A third party logistics partner has an existing network of valuable relationships with carriers and providers which gives you more storage options and opportunities for a wider distribution network that includes local expertise.

Experienced & Certified Personnel : -

3PL partners have trained and certified personnel to manage your products. Some of them have employees with decades of experience in the shipping industry, making them experts in the best practices for warehousing and shipping around the world.

Agility : -

Markets are always changing. Whether there’s a new market opportunity for a product, a market becomes less profitable due to taxation, or you experience fluctuations in demand, a company needs to adapt to take care of their bottom line. With a knowledgeable and experienced third party logistics partner, you can quickly shift gears and change your shipping and distribution routes as the market demands.




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Stay responsive to consumers’ requirements, find innovative and flexible solutions and strive to achieve customer satisfaction with our performance, honesty, and integrity. We aim to achieve our esteemed patrons’ trust and develop a lasting relationship with them.

At Ballistics Cargo Private Limited, we provide solutions delivering innovative transportation and logistics solutions that are vital to the success of the companies and people we serve. We’ve built our business on three core values: commitment to our customers, dedication to excellence and innovative thinking.

Provide your business—small or large—with leasing solutions by developing new processes that meet your unique and ever evolving needs. We are a global provider of logistics, transportation and distribution services. We address transportation and logistics challenges facing individuals, small companies, and complex multinational organizations.

We work for both international and domestic markets. Our aim is to provide maximum customer satisfaction. We focus on providing customers with the highest level of service at the lowest possible cost. Our high-performance business strategy builds on our expertise in warehousing and transportation to help organizations operate at the highest levels and, in turn, create sustainable value for their customers. In addition, we leverage our industry knowledge, operational excellence and technology capabilities to proactively identify process improvements and cost-cutting strategies for our clients.

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